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To Be a Chef

January 12, 2017


This read is for the person who’s never been in a professional kitchen before but is considering entering the profession or beginning (as well as finishing) culinary school. This is a reality check as well as a source of knowledge from experience that I would have appreciated reading before beginning down this path myself. One […]

Facebook is Great

March 18, 2011


Saw this today, and you know, Facebook is right. Maybe it should be the first thing I see everyday, since I use a computer everyday, and since my social life is governed by an online network. If it weren’t for Facebook, my #1 priority in life (next to hygiene, and self-fulfillment), I’d be missing out […]

Air Sex East Coast Regionals (2011)

January 20, 2011


Tim League, owner and founder of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas (also home to the music festival Austin City Limits) saw how popular air sex had become in Japan and decided to bring it to America, Iron Chef style. I attended the Air Sex East Coast Regionals in NYC on Friday, 11 January, at the Mercury Lounge […]


December 13, 2010


Made this years ago, but I recommend it as wallpaper. Borges gets quotations because he’s Borges.

5 Days in October

November 3, 2010


These pictures were taken from October 20-25, 2010. They are snippets or “snid-bits,” (as I once said in a college writing class because I had never used the word before,) of my life. I was eating pasta and watching Blow (2001) when this sunset occurred. I wrote a poem about it. Pasta dinner This evening the […]