The Indisputably Best Tacos in Austin

Posted on October 6, 2016


Matamoros Food Truck @ 10810 N Lamar Blvd. There’s a brick and mortar location located about 1 mile or so south of the food truck location (also named Matamoros).

The food truck is the only one I can speak for and they are located in the parking lot of the Conoco gas station across the Chinatown center. I worked a terrible job for a year across the street from these tacos, and this menu gave me enough strength and nourishment to brave the storm.



I KNOW this is not a taco. But if you love tacos, you’ll love their barbacoa gorditqueso. Be OPEN-MINDED AND MOUTHED.

Pueblo Viejo

Located right across the street from Stay Gold, a cool bar great for first dates and lowballs of whisky, sits this wonderful Mexican eatery that has hit the spot many times. I’m a big fan of their chicharone taco. Beware of the spice level in their sauces. I’ve gotten ahead of myself (multiple times) and given myself a case of instant hiccups from overdoing it.



There are two locations currently open in Austin, one at Coffee Radio Bar at 4208 Manchaca and the other at 1704 E. Cesar Chavez. Their tortillas are incredible and their migas tacos are unrivaled. Enjoy deliciously spicy sauces? Enjoy all three.

Honorable Mention

The winner for best bang for your buck surprisingly does not go to a primarily Mexican food joint, but a popular neighborhood patio cafe named Cenote. Located at 1010 E. Cesar Chavez just west of I-35, Cenote has one of the largest breakfast tacos I’ve eaten. They must use 5 eggs per but I’m not complaining, nor am I sharing a photo of this because I want you to be taken aback when you feast your eyes on such a beautiful culinary creation.