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Five Stroke Roll

December 29, 2010


In drumming, we have rudiments. These are your standard “phrases” with which a drummer builds upon. A five stroke roll, as demonstrated above by a humanoid drumming machine, is one of many rudiments, and so happens to be one of my favorites. These phrases can be altered by differentiating accents, tempos, and dynamic (volume)–making for […]

Celebrate Legitimate Meat

December 28, 2010


None of this post was meant to imply I have any reservations toward consuming meat whatsoever, except conceptually disgusting meat products. I enjoy how the narrator almost speaks like a generic South Park character and I also enjoy the chick losing her cool in front of the camera at (1:06), fumbling for her pen. When you […]

Ray’s Pizza: Perpetual Disappointment

December 20, 2010


“The Famous Ray’s Pizza” 465 6th Ave. (Corner of 11th St) Manhattan The oldest “Ray’s Pizza” to open in Manhattan (Little Italy) did so in 1959 and was headed by Ralph Cuomo of the Lucchese mobster family.  Cuomo would continue a prosperous life that would include holding up a Park Avenue restaurant at gunpoint, trafficking […]


December 13, 2010


Made this years ago, but I recommend it as wallpaper. Borges gets quotations because he’s Borges.