5 Days in October

Posted on November 3, 2010


These pictures were taken from October 20-25, 2010. They are snippets or “snid-bits,” (as I once said in a college writing class because I had never used the word before,) of my life.

I was eating pasta and watching Blow (2001) when this sunset occurred. I wrote a poem about it.

Pasta dinner

This evening

the first sunset of autumnal colors

obscured by an apartment building

the golden pink of the sky shining through yellow leaves

as if creating them

and the wind more appropriate than crisp

whisking them from their tender little posts

Good friend Anthony Ricciardi uses an Xbox live headset to speak and listen through his half-broken cell phone.

A view of the office after decorating it with old campaign balloons and scandalous New York Post articles.

Horse at a vineyard out east.

Friends capture Rick Roach’s hilarious rendition of Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” at a vineyard.

The Long Island railroad’s “extremely limited” or barely existent service due to a $56 million modernization effort at Jamaica station.

Bar bathroom stall in Manhattan.

Here’s Chris at a hookah bar in Manhattan at around three in the morning.  I’ve never seen anyone look more tired in my life.