“You don’t deserve a tip”

Posted on September 24, 2010


Neris: $7.80

Kid: (Sigh)

Neris: God, you a drug dealer carrying some money like this?

Kid: Yeah

Neris: Oh, boy, did I give it to you?  Fuck you.
Kid: Yeah, it’s no no tip
Neris: Fuck you, it’s my, it’s my tip
Neris: It’s my tip, it’s my fucking twenty cents tip
Kid: No, no, you don’t deserve a tip.

Neris: Why? Why not?

Kid: It’s much easier.  It’s much easier! Very much easier…


Kid: This is it?

Neris: Say, we done for the night I told you already!


Neris: See we just clean here you make a mess–that’s not right!
Chande: Vamos!

Neris: Fucking Hispano—that’s why I hate Spanish people.  I want to kill all with a fucking–nuclear bomb on on the whole—yeah, you see this, I’ll stick it in the—fucking—

Kid: I’m going to fight you one of these days

Neris: –in the wrong side of your ass

Kid: I’m going to fight you one of these

Kid: I’m ready to eat here

Neris: No, man, we

Me: You get out, man—we cleaned the goddamned tables, just leave alright?

Neris: Go eat outside

Chande: Es sucia

Neris: the wrong side of your ass

Me: You make me llora aqui

Neris: Uh?

Me: Make me cry over here