A Book Review: “Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch”

Posted on September 13, 2010


Title: Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch
Author: Steve Bodansky, PhD & Vera Bodansky, PhD
Publisher: Hunter House Inc., Publishers
Publish Date: 2008
Pages: 180
Genre: Self-Help
Rating: 2 out 5

Purchasing Steve and Vera Bodansky’s Instant Orgasm: Excitement at First Touch is like buying a magic set; some tricks seem easy enough, but the rest take far too much sleight of hand and patience.

Both Bodanskys have PhDs in sensuality from More University, an “experimental school” in Northern California. With over two decades of experience teaching “the art of sexual arousal” and three other sex books, including Extended Massive Orgasm, The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm, and To Bed or Not to Bed, and now these presumed sex titans have coauthored a book that describes “how to invest a little time and attention in creating an orgasmic experience whenever you choose.”

The premise behind Instant Orgasm sounds simple, but if you can manage to get through all seven ambling, repetitive chapters, you might just learn something.

Their practices call for a sort of sexual minimalism, where the absence or intimations of touch significantly increases the effect of the eventual touch. The ecstasy is derived from the hours spent “peaking” or deliberately postponing the attainment of the “pleasure prize”, similar to the teachings of Tantra.

The introduction explains how everyone has the capacity for “instant orgasm” and “extended massive orgasm” (or EMO, which is not covered extensively in this book), despite the limiting and debilitating mental conditioning that society engenders (to go at it like rabbits). The goal of the book is to awaken this dormant ability.

Instant Orgasm depends solely upon manual stimulation since “a penis inserted into a vagina is not a reliable indicator of the woman’s orgasm, only its own.” Specific styles of manual stimulation include the “Michael Douglas stroke,” (named this way because it reminds the Bodanskys “…of how the actor, in some of his racier movies, would press women up against the wall during sex”), and the “Point-and-feel Orgasm,” …where the fully-clothed female focuses her attention on her clitoris as it is literally being pointed at by her partner.”

The number of times Steve Bodansky reiterates how a woman simply needs to focus her attention on and “approve” of any pleasurable sensations in order to achieve instant orgasm becomes astounding. A few grainy sketches accompany the chapters on manual stimulation.

The following chapters focus on changing your perspective on orgasms and improving the communication between you and your partner with awkward suggestions that include: “I just felt your clitoris become harder and more engorged” and the command to “feel your left labia as I slowly glide up its length.”

The theoretical insights into human sensuality offered by Instant Orgasm are far too preoccupied with the demystification of the clitoris. I hate to quote Sex and the City, but Miranda said it best: “It’s my clitoris, not the sphinx!”

The platitudinal advice of “Learn[ing] to love yourself the way you are…” and other similar suggestions throughout the work incite far too much eye-rolling. The Bodanskys frequently refer to students and instances from their sensuality classes where they perform hands-on workshops and where Steve’s ego apparently flourishes: “Because of my reputation and confidence, I can often seduce a woman who may be new to this experience into feeling her pussy and her clitoris before we even begin touching.”

I would give Instant Orgasm the unredeemable rating of one star except for the fact that I did not study this book’s teachings in depth—being turned off by writing intended to turn on lent to this. The ideas are there, but they are expounded upon with painfully dull writing. According to the Bodanskys, when somebody approaches them on a street asking how to have an extended massive orgasm, they typically reply with “One stroke at a time”.  I’m sure they wink as well, and Steve probably gives two tongue-clicks as they walk away with their hands on each other’s asses.

Although the Bodanskys seem to have the admirable intention of enlightening the improperly-sexed masses, Instant Orgasm comes across as another sensational title in their body of work.

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