A Book Review: “Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes”

Posted on September 9, 2010


My first job out of college was an unpaid internship writing adult book reviews for a shitty website based in Manhattan.  Since I didn’t fulfill my contract of the six-month work period, my name was never published along with my reviews, which was probably for the best.  “Sex Herald Intern” isn’t exactly a marketable position, and my mother certainly wasn’t proud of it.

Like any other material-hungry publication, the goal of the website was to churn out product.  My boss, Sanford,  genuinely believed I had the potential to become “the Anna Wintour of Sex,” but with no stipend, commuting compensation, and no truly redeeming qualities about the position, other than the perplexed reactions I’d get when telling people what I did on a daily basis, I decided to turn down the writing gig.

Although I feel as though I’m somehow infringing upon publication rights, I felt compelled to bring this review back to life as opposed to letting it rot in some obscure archive. Whatever the case may be, it’s here now, for your reading pleasure:

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Title:Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes (The Fetish Chest)

Author: Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pie

Publisher: Alyson Books

Publish Date: 2006

Pages: 258

Genres: Fiction, Compilation, Fantasy, Fetishes

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sexiest Soles is one of three in the Fetish Chest series, which also includes Ultimate Undies and Secret Slaves. While not being a foot or shoe fetishist myself, I happen to think Sexiest Soles an exceptional collection of literary erotica.

There are 31 short stories in total, each less than 20 pages, which makes for a quick and generally satisfying read. Ranging from “shoefucking” to ball-stomping orgies, Sexiest Soles covers a wide array of foot and shoe fetishes. The prurience in the majority of the stories is handled professionally and with the intent of turning on its readers. The sultry language is often sodden with a palpable mix of experience and fantasy despite the linguistic limitations of describing both shoes and feet.

What one story may lack in character development, it will occasionally make up for in subject matter. M. Christian’s These Feet describes an explicit BDSM scene with four vague male characters. The action is there, but the narration fails to discern the characters past their distracting names which include Jasper and Jesus. Although the reader expects the eroticization of feet in every story, the unique voices, writing styles, and plotlines provide enough variation throughout to keep them interested.

Although both fetishists and non-fetishists can derive enjoyment and entertainment from Sexiest Soles, the non-fetishist will have their curiosity stirred—the pleasure and gratification gained from the acts described in each story beckons something deep within us and makes us question the “normalcy” of our passions and lusts. This world of appeal, “where nothing is taboo…” seems overwhelmingly expansive and fruitful—making these stories alluring.

Donna Georg’s story, Magic, recounts one couple’s experience with the sudden onset of ecstasy induced by a lazy Sunday foot rub. Once the couple realizes the potentiality of such an act, the third-person narration asks, “Was it not every man’s dream, to discover some secret but simple trick to reduce a female to immediate sexual slavery?” The simplicity and universality of this question urges its reader to experience and ponder the newfound “magic” of this couple’s relationship.

As described by editors Rachel Kramer Bussel and Christopher Pierce, these works take us on a journey of discovery. After reading Sexiest Soles,you’ll look at feet differently—you might very well grow empathetic for the neglected bearers of your weight.  I’m not a convert, but I have considered getting a pedicure after this reading.

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